Responsive Design at our core

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Responsive Web design has been around for years and it was a hugely popular area of conversation in 2012 and even more so in 2013.

The argument always resolves in user experience and that’s where we need to keep the focus. iPads, apps and devices left right and centre push the boundaries on how we react, how we respond and how we enjoy our e-experience.

If the future of online success rivals those of apps we need to ensure our online web experience is both dynamic and enjoyable.

I am always checking browser compatibility and ensuring the most basic fundamentals are in place but often it’s here I see how huge gaps are made between users and developers. We should take heed in the fact that people are reading our content, watching our videos, playing our music or even just sharing our services on a social media platform. We need to step up to the plate and smash expectations out the park into unknown territories of ease and enjoyment.

I here people say “… and how is your responsive design coming along …” I can only cringe and say…”coming soon I promise…” I now have a fully fledged, functioning responsive site for both my UK and South African businesses but it definitely made me realise how we oversell service and forget function.

I always say, do you want to follow or do you want to lead. Sadly in terms of responsive, mobile design we are only catching up but let the future know we are looking at you and trying to ensure we stay in the wave of development and creating experience for our browsers to enjoy.

Glenn Wills aims to establish itself in a wide array of services but web is at the core of our team and future.

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